Speaker Toni Atkins urges CSU management to settle with faculty

Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins message to the CSU Trustees on Tuesday Nov. 17 was crystal clear when she urged them to come to agreement with faculty over our salary dispute.

That afternoon, after speaking to the Trustees inside the Chancellor’s Office and the crowd of about 1,000 gathered outside in the plaza, Atkins (D-San Diego) issued a news release detailing her support of increased investment in faculty salaries.

“CSU built up a lot of goodwill in the Legislature this year, and my colleagues and I appreciated the University’s approach of no tuition-increase threats, their relative restraint on executive compensation, and their working collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and alumni to make CSU’s case,” Atkins said in a written statement. “Those actions, and CSU’s commitment to prioritizing the enrollment of more California students and improving graduation rates, helped secure more money from the state.

“Stonewalling on needed and deserved salary increases for faculty will chip away at legislators’ confidence in the system, and maintaining that confidence is imperative as we fight to bring additional funding to CSU,” she wrote.

Atkins, an ex-officio member of the CSU Board of Trustees, also noted that the CSU’s management was taking the system to the brink of strike by insisting it can’t raise faculty pay by more than 2%, despite CSU faculty working at pre-2004 wages.