SQE launches “No Harm, Disarm” campaign

Students for Quality Education (SQE) has launched a campaign to address campus safety concerns and police use of force on CSU campuses.

Calling for the CSU to adopt a “No Harm, Disarm” stance, SQE is demanding that the CSU disarm campus police and security, invest in mental health counselors and mental health crisis intervention teams, fund Black resource centers, and provide mandatory de-escalation and unconscious bias training for all campus police and security. SQE, a student program of CFA, plans to address the CSU Trustees during the Board meeting next week.

“We want ALL students to feel safe on our campus. Instead of putting more money into more firearms and more officers on our campuses, our CSU’s should be investing in proactive and preventative solutions, like more mental health counselors and cultural centers for students,” according to SQE’s site.

“We need to explore alternatives to police. We want our schools to start adopting restorative justice practices to redefine what justice looks like in our communities, focusing less on punishment, and more on healing and repairing harm.”

To learn more about the “No Harm, Disarm” campaign, click here.