SQE “Week of Action” for student organizers

Students for Quality Education marked a “Week of Action” with rallies, and other events, some of which incorporated the national April 15 “Fight for 15.”  

Students from Sacramento, San Jose, East Bay, and San Francisco marched with the Fight for 15 to stand up for low-paid workers and adjunct faculty.

Pomona and San Marcos students screened the movie “Ivory Tower” and discussed the crisis affecting large numbers of students. At Fresno, students brainstormed about the social justice issues affecting them and in a “Writing the Revolution” workshop, wrote their reactions.

Long Beach students viewed clips of “Ivory Tower” and “Precious Knowledge” followed by a panel that included Long Beach CFA Chapter President Doug Foraste and group discussion on ethnic studies, faculty rights, privatization and student debt.

In other events, San Francisco students held “Mobilize for Change,” a Poetry Slam and Speak out for justice and Chico students rallied to protest student fees.

At Sacramento, a panel on the Fight for 15 included Sacramento CFA Chapter President Kevin Wehr followed by a protest march to a nearby Burger King restaurant. Dominguez Hills students brought together several student organizations to a panel on their work for social justice.