Stand with CFA, show your union pride!

Campuses throughout the CSU will be ablaze with union pride next week as CFA chapters hold events and connect with peers to promote union membership and awareness of a Supreme Court case threatening to erode the public sector and organized Labor.

On Feb. 26, the Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in the Janus v. AFSCME case, which is the latest attempt by deep-pocketed corporate interests to eliminate unions and our collective power.

We, like many unions nationwide, are fighting back.

Indeed, as Janus has been making its way through the courts, higher ed faculty and grad students, even in right-to-work-for-less territory like Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, have been successfully organizing unions to secure better wages and working conditions. These campaigns show that no matter what the outcome of Janus, if we stick together we can still win for our profession and for our students.

Join with your colleagues on Feb. 26 and throughout next week as chapters demonstrate that we will resist all efforts to weaken us and we will continue to fight together for the important work that we do for our students, our university and our state.

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