State Auditor: CSU Blatantly Disregarded Transparency Recommendations
CSU takes no action after exec misspent $152,441

In a development that is all too familiar to CSU faculty, the state auditor says that Chancellor Charles Reed and the CSU Administration once again have missed an opportunity to be open and transparent about how they spend state money.

A new report by the State Auditor’s office shows Chancellor Reed blatantly disregarded recommendations made last year by State Auditor Elaine Howle on how to reform the CSU’s travel, lodging and off-site work policies for CSU executives.

The recommendations were issued in January, 2010, when the Auditor found that the CSU had “improperly reimbursed a former official $152,441 from July 2005 through July 2008 for unnecessary expenses that did not reflect the best interests of the university or the state.”

According to the Auditor, in November “the university reported that it will take no further action, thus allowing it to engage in activities that are not in the State’s best interest.”

View the Auditor’s report.

Upon hearing of this latest scandal involving out-of-control CSU execs, CFA leaders reacted with consternation.

“By not implementing these much-needed reforms the Chancellor is sending a strong signal to the legislature and the public that paying executives is a higher priority in his mind than educating students,” said John Travis, Chair of CFA’s Political Action/Legislative Committee.