Strike Authorization Vote completed; Results next week

Voting by CFA members on whether to authorize a strike in the CSU system ended at 5 pm today. Over the next few days, paper ballot boxes will be gathered from the 23 campuses for a count under the supervision of a neutral third party.

The results will be announced at 10 am next Wednesday, November 4.

Over the past 10 days, starting October 19, thousands of faculty members voted online or in person at ballot booths set up by campus CFA Chapters that encouraged all faculty members to participate.

“It is important that the faculty in this public university let our voices be heard,” said CFA Bargaining Team Chair Kevin Wehr.

“What we do here in the CSU will have an impact on our faculty’s ability to keep teaching our students while we support our families,” said Wehr. “But even more is at stake here.”

“Faculty pay is also about attracting and retaining the best teachers for the students of the CSU system. We want the CSU to truly remain ‘The People’s University,’” he said

PHOTO: Cal Poly SLO CFA Chapter President Graham Archer urged CFA members on campus to step up and vote.