Student fee hike defeated at Sonoma, still pushed at other campuses

A campaign by students and faculty at Sonoma State has defeated a plan to raise campus student fees this fall by $500 a year.

In the wake of an online petition, protest emails and columns in local newspapers, campus administrators and the CSU Chancellor’s Office decided to drop the effort to establish what was called a “Student Success Fee.”

But, while Sonoma beat back the hike, similar new fees have been implemented at nine CSU campuses and are under active consideration at Dominguez Hills, Fullerton, San Diego and Fresno.

“CFA has a longstanding position against increases in student fees,” says CFA President Lillian Taiz (click here for the resolution). “Proposition 30 passed in large part because voters believe in public support for our public higher ed system and the governor’s budget plan for the next academic year calls for a four year freeze in student fees.

“We urge campus to join the campaign for more state funding for the state university instead of putting our students to go deeper into debt,” she added.

Taiz noted that rising student debt has become a burden not only on individuals but also on state and national economies.

CNBC/New York Times analysis of student debt crisis