Student lawsuit over 2009 fee hikes goes to hearing, Jan 15

After two years of discovery of documents and information regarding the 2009 fee increases on CSU students, a lawsuit brought by a group of students goes to a summary judgment hearing.

The class represents students who planned on, and in many cases paid in advance, for fees set at a certain rate in 2009, but were later charged and assessed higher fees when CSU Chancellor Charles Reed decided on an across-the-board rate increase with no regard to whether or not students had been billed or paid. 

The case theory for the plaintiffs is similar to the contract theory used successfully by UC students who faced a similar bait and switch (i.e. breach of contract) in 2003. The CSU student lawsuit was certified as a class action, so hundreds of thousands of students could be affected by the outcome.

The hearing is scheduled before Judge Munter of the San Francisco Superior Court on January 15, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.