Student-led #FreeTheCSU Week coming to your campus, Oct 30-Nov 2

Students for Quality Education is taking action next week to #FreeTheCSU—free from tuition, free from discrimination, free from racism.

In addition to Fullerton’s Unity Block Party, next week there will be a debt-themed carnival at Chico State, a “Reviving the Master Plan” action at San Jose State, a march and resource fair against hate at Cal Poly SLO, an Education Not Deportation teach-in at Fresno State, and more. You can find details on all events planned here and follow the action as it progresses over next week on SQE’s Facebook.

How today’s students are making a difference

In the Fall 2017 issue of California Faculty magazine, CFA Student Intern Coordinator Juliana Nascimento recalls how student activism has helped make the U.S. a more just and more humane place for everyone, and she relates that activism to what students are doing right here in the CSU today.

Her main point is captured in the article’s title: “Today’s CSU students are taking on new, difficult challenges to preserve public higher education for all.” She observes a continuation of the long history of student activism with new awareness of the ‘intersectionality’ across the range of people’s expanding identities and social justice issues.