Students of the CSU speak out for faculty

Students across the CSU system are talking about the possible strike, and increasingly they understand that they and the CSU faculty are in the same boat together.

Here are two notable examples.

At CSU Fresno, the two candidates for president of Associated Students, Inc both came out in support of CFA and the faculty’s Fight for Five at a debate last Friday sponsored by the campus student newspaper, The Collegian.

Candidate Cameran Patterson, said at the debate, 

The teaching profession is an extremely valuable profession, and they should be compensated as such. I think the least that we can do — not only as ASI representatives, but as students — is to stand by our teachers who have given up so much just for us to enjoy the educational opportunities that we have here at Fresno State.

Candidate Tim Ryan said,

I know a lot of students don’t really give faculty the credit they deserve and all the hard work they put in behind the scenes. I am very supportive of the faculty and their movement.

At CSU San Marcos, in north San Diego County, Associated Students, Inc. adopted a resolution to Support California Faculty Association Actions for a Fair Wage.

San Marcos CFA Chapter President Darel Engen said, “It means a lot to get an ASI resolution at San Marcos in support of the faculty ”Fight for Five” and our strike authorization. It shows that students understand that faculty working conditions are indeed student learning conditions, that you can’t put students first if you put faculty last.”

Faculty should not be surprised by this student support. Engen explained:

The faculty ‘Fight for Five’ and strike authorization is as much for students and the quality of their education as it is for faculty and their ability to make ends meet and remain in the middle class. This ASI resolution shows that students are on the side of the faculty, not the Chancellor, and he should take heed, since, ultimately, he works for them.

In an interview with the University Times, Cal State LA’s student newspaper published on Monday, CFA AVP Molly Talcott explained what the conditions for faculty in the CSU mean for students later on:

I know for myself, I’m going on strike as much for my students as I am for my own well being. I’m mentoring students right now who want to be professors and as the conditions erode they’re going to have an even worse deal in 10 years than I do. Then they’re going to try to teach their students why it matters to stand in solidarity with faculty.

PHOTO: Courtesy of The Collegian. Photo by Darlene Wendels