Students, faculty plan to protest fee hikes next week at Board of Trustees

Students throughout the CSU are gearing up for action next week, when they’ll urge CSU Trustees to vote down a proposed tuition increase.

The 5% tuition hike—which amounts to about $270 annually per student—was proposed late last year and has been the topic of discussion and debate ever since. But on Wednesday, March 22, Trustees will be faced with making a decision that could impact more than 470,000 students at all 23 campuses.

Students and faculty have been fighting the proposed fee increase, which would not only increase the cost of attending the CSU, but could put accessibility for many future students at risk.

“It’s criminal that, yet again, our students are being tapped to pay more,” said Molly Talcott, CFA Chapter President at Cal State LA and a Sociology Professor. “What’s more, public higher education is a universal human right, and in a state that has more billionaires than every other country in the world aside from China, providing fully-funded, universal public higher education is a matter of moral and political will. We must keep moving down this path, and we will continue to support our students in the fight against fee increases.”

The Board meeting will be streamed live online. Click here to view the livestream, which is scheduled to begin at 8 am Wednesday, March 22.

Want to help fight the fees?

There is still time to make faculty voices heard against the proposed tuition increase before the Board of Trustees votes next week.

Click here to write a message to the Board of Trustees telling them why they should vote “no” on the increase. To learn more about the proposed increase, the upcoming action at the BOT meeting, and how to get involved, go to www.csusqe.org/stop-tuition-hike.

CFA also is sponsoring legislation that seeks to halt tuition increases in the CSU and state community colleges until 2020. Assembly Bill 393 is authored by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva. Click here to watch a joint news conference by CFA and Quirk-Silva.