Students Join Faculty in Urging State Senators to Vote Yes on Ethnic Studies

Students have joined faculty in advocating State Senators to pass Assembly Bill 1460.

Students for Quality Education members across the state joined the final push to mobilize students in support of AB 1460. SQE worked with allied student groups to have their members contact their State Senators and participated in various awareness-building activities such as classroom presentations, tabling, phone banking (photo), and banner dropping.

The CFA-sponsored bill would ensure every CSU student graduates having passed one Ethnic Studies course.  After some rescheduling, the Senate is expected to vote on the bill next week.

We’re urging all CFA members to contact their State Senators today and ask them to vote Yes on AB 1460.

CSU Stanislaus student Julissa Ruiz Ramirez is one of nearly 100 SQE members tabling and phone banking on campus.

“I’m a young woman of color who also happens to be an immigrant and poor.  Through Ethnic Studies, I learned a lot about why my life had been the way it was through different marginalizations,” said Ruiz Ramirez, who’s double majoring in Political Science and Ethnic Studies. “You always hear ‘pull yourself up by the bootstraps’ without realizing that many communities don’t even have bootstraps or boots to begin with. Ethnic Studies classes make you think more critically about certain issues. Ethnic Studies helps students of all backgrounds deal with a diversifying population.  We’re not going to reach a better society if we don’t create critical dialogue about the systems of oppression that affect our daily lives.”

A few campuses, such as Humboldt State University, San Francisco State University and CSU Northridge, took on a narrative campaign around the Bill and the importance of Ethnic Studies. If the bill passes the Senate, it will go to Governor Gavin Newsom for signature.

Go to www.calfac.org/take-action to contact your Senator as soon as possible.  The petition includes a template email and a script for calling Senators’ offices.  It all takes three minutes, and you can recruit other CFA members and students to call or email.  #YESonAB1460