Students mount opposition to system-wide tuition hike

CSU students from San Diego to Humboldt are vocalizing opposition to proposed tuition increases announced by Chancellor Tim White and are organizing to fight the hike.

Students for Quality Education (SQE) has launched #DearBOT, an online effort to show the CSU Board of Trustees what a tuition increase would mean to CSU students. Click here to write the CSU Trustees using the online form.

The proposed tuition increase will be discussed during the Nov. 15-16 Trustees meeting in Long Beach.

White, in a recent letter to California State Students Association (CSSA) President David Lopez and Board of Directors Chair Isabelle Franz, proposed to increase student tuition throughout the CSU by $270, or 5 percent, per academic year. The increase is due to shortfalls in funding from the state, at a time when enrollment is on the rise, the proposal states.

A tuition freeze requirement by Gov. Jerry Brown as part of his multi-year funding plan for the CSU also expires this academic year.

While tuition has been frozen in recent years, campus-based fees at several CSUs throughout the system have increased, resulting in higher costs for students, some as high as several hundred dollars per year.

CFA passed a resolution opposing campus-based “student success” fees in April 2014. Faculty also plan to support students in their efforts to oppose the tuition hike.

“It’s flat wrong for the Chancellor to arrive at the ‘solution’ of charging students more the moment the option becomes available,” said Jennifer Eagan, President of CFA. “Our students can’t afford yet another round of tuition and fee hikes. We are supposed to be providing affordable public higher education, but if it’s not affordable, it’s not accessible.”

CSSA’s Lopez wrote a letter to all students that the group posted to its Facebook page Oct. 21, stating that “CSSA firmly believes that CSU students should not be expected to bear any additional financial burden for pursuing a college degree. It is imperative that the devastating impact of the state’s disinvestment in higher education is reversed if the promise of an affordable, accessible, and quality CSU education is to be kept.”

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