Students to protest ’student success fees’ at Trustees meeting

CSU students will gather Thursday morning at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach to speak out against recent attempts to increase tuition through campus-based fees.

Students from Cal State Fullerton, Dominguez Hills, Long Beach and Sonoma will address the full Board during public comment, according to a news release from CSU Students for Quality Education (SQE).

So-called “Student Success Fees” have been implemented at several campuses in the CSU system, but students are concerned with the lack of research and measurements. SQE says it believes the inflated cost of tuition ultimately will push out low-income students and students of color.

CFA has long opposed these fees and passed a resolution opposing them in April 2014.

“Increasing student fees has the effect of driving students into greater debt which mortgages their future,” said Kim Geron, vice president of CFA and a professor at Cal State East Bay. “CFA is opposed to ‘Student Success Fees’ and calls on the CSU administration, Governor, and State Legislature to find other sources of funding to address student needs and not put additional fees on hard working students and their families.”