Students for Quality Education takes action against tuition hike plan

Next Monday, May 2, CSU students will hold rallies and marches at five campuses to oppose a plan, under consideration by CSU Trustees, that could impose annual fee student hikes tied to inflation.

Join students for a Day of Action on May 2 at:

CSU Chico: Noon at Trinity Commons
CSU Fresno: Noon at the Free Speech Area/Activities Plaza
Cal State Los Angeles: 2:30 pm at King Hall
San Francisco State: Noon at Malcolm X Plaza
Cal Poly SLO: Noon at the Administration Building
CSU Stanislaus: 11:30 am at FDC

Students for Quality Education, who are organizing the day of action under the slogan “Reclaim the CSU,” hopes to head off tuition hikes that could begin when Gov. Brown’s moratorium on student tuition increases ends in Summer 2017.

The tuition hikes are part of the Trustees’ draft plan to “sustain” the CSU by taking a number of steps that move away from reliance on public support and toward the model used by private colleges. See the Trustees’ draft financial plan

The day of action reflects a growing student movement in the U.S. not only to oppose higher costs on students but to promote broader access to college degrees.

Marcos Zepeda, a student at Chico State, cited California’s plan that established the extraordinarily successful higher education system in California, when he said:

“On May 2, we will continue to voice our demands and fight for the reinstatement of the once revolutionary, and still very attainable, vision that is the Master Plan for Higher Education.”

SQE pointed out in a news release that CSU student tuition has increased much faster than inflation. The 283% hike over 10 years means “many students can no longer afford to attend a CSU. Today a student has to work 758 hours at minimum wage to cover tuition and fees for a year, compared to 320 hours in 2000.”

SQE asks faculty and other supporters to take these steps:

Call or email Chancellor Timothy White, urging him to resist a policy of student fee hikes and advocate for public funding. 562-951-4738 twhite@calstate.edu

Learn more on the SQE web site