Support for CFA’s Fight for Five continues to grow
Updated 2/12/16

Legislators and labor allies are continuing to support the faculty and our Fight for Five in recent days with statements of support and strike sanctions.

Assemblymember Jose Medina, Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, said he supports faculty in California’s higher education systems.

“Faculty should be recognized for their important work and compensated fairly for their contributions and support of all students. In a recovering economy, the Legislature has supported the California State University with the intention of supporting students and faculty throughout all campuses,” Medina said in a written statement. “I look forward to a swift resolution without disruption to students’ education.”

On Tuesday, Assemblymember Luis Alejo issued a statement of support: “…We need to fight to maintain the quality of education at CSU, because CSU plays an important role in the integration of students who come from low-income and immigrant families. CSU faculty have been patient since the economy crashed eight years ago. They went five years without a single salary increase and received nominal increases in 2013 and 2014. California’s economy has bounced back and people in the private sector are earning more. The cost of housing and other essentials keeps rising. I am proud to stand with the CSU faculty in their fight for five percent.”

Assemblymember Jim Cooper said Tuesday in a statement: “…Faculty should be recognized for the important role they play in educating our future leaders and they should be compensated fairly for their contributions and support of all students. I fully support the California Faculty Association’s request for a five percent increase in compensation for CSU faculty.”

Assemblymember Evan Low, Assemblymember Cheryl Brown, and Senator Dr. Richard Pan also released statements of support.

Thirty legislators have sent letters to Chancellor White in support of faculty. Assemblymembers Jaqui Irwin, Shirley Weber and Adam Gray recently sent letters to the chancellor, urging him to come to a “speedy, but fair, resolution with your faculty to ensure the best quality of education for our students.”

And in the Central Valley, the Stanislaus-Tuolumne Central Labor Council granted strike sanction. That labor council covers workers in and around CSU Stanislaus. Strike sanctions have now been granted in every region in which there is a CSU campus.

Having a strike sanction means the union labor councils calls on the union members in its jurisdiction to not cross picket lines and support striking workers.

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Photo from left: Kevin Wehr, CFA’s Bargaining Team Chair, and Assemblymember Jose Medina speak during last year’s Lobby Day at the Capitol. CFA/Niesha Gates