Supporters of Initiative to Restore $12 Billion in K-12 Funding Kick Off Signature Gathering Drive

Recently, the effort to qualify the Schools and Communities First Initiative for the November 2020 ballot took off in earnest as supporters set out in droves to collect the nearly 1 million required signatures. Also known as the “split roll” initiative, the measure would alter Proposition 13 by allowing for the reassessment of commercial and industrial properties at current market levels. The result would be the restoration of roughly $12 billion in funds to California’s schools annually.  The initiative closes a corporate tax loophole and ensures big companies like Chevron, Wal-Mart and Disneyland are paying their fair share in taxes.

Last month, our union joined a growing list of supporters in endorsing the initiative, with CFA President Charles Toombs, commenting, “The California Faculty Association is proud to stand with educators, parents and students across the state in strongly supporting the Schools and Communities First initiative. This critical initiative finally puts an end to the corporate tax loopholes that have robbed our schools and local governments of the resources needed to prepare our students for success in the 21st century. We can’t wait any longer to invest in our future.”

While the campaign has stated its goal is to collect 1.6 million valid signatures from registered voters, technically it needs to gather only 997,139 or 8% of the total votes cast during the last governor’s race in 2018. The deadline for the campaign to meet this threshold is April 14.

In yet another positive of sign of growing momentum, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti also endorsed the Schools and Communities First Initiative on Monday.