Take Action: 3 things you can do to #FreeTheCSU

Students for Quality Education and  student groups across the CSU are saying: “CSU Trustees—Don’t vote on a tuition increase when you meet March 21-22.” Rather, work hard to get the state funding the CSU needs.

Those who want to #FreeTheCSU can do three things:

1. JOIN THE PROTEST: On March 22nd from 8 am-1 pm, students will gather at the Trustees meeting at the CSU Chancellor’s Office (401 Golden Shore Ave, Long Beach). Show the Trustees you do NOT support a tuition hike. Sign up for the protest here or on Facebook

2. CALL TODAY: Call or email members of the CSU Board of Trustees today to let them know why they should vote “no” on the tuition increase: Call the Board of Trustees office and leave a message for any Trustee: (562) 951-4020

3. SHARE YOUR MESSAGE: Students can tell the Trustees how this tuition increase will effect you through this form. And faculty can tell them how tuition increases affect your students, especially their time to learn.