Take Action! Call on State Senate to adopt & Gov to sign CFA-supported bill

As the California State Legislature nears its August 31 recess and deadline to act on new laws, a labor-sponsored bill, AB 2835, is under consideration—and it needs your support!

AB 2835 would require an in-person orientation for all newly hired public employees, including CSU faculty.

CFA Political Action/Legislative Chair Lillian Taiz said:

“We think this bill is a ‘no brainer.’ When a person is hired an employer should provide an orientation that will help the new employee understand the agency’s operations. A good orientation also will ensure a better workplace, and employees that understand the mission of the entity involved. We must make sure new workers receive meaningful support so they can perform the work we all rely upon.”

AB 2835, sponsored by Jim Cooper (D-Elk Grove), would require the orientation within four months of being hired and the union would be given 30 minutes to provide information about the contract, how to contact the union and other aspects of union representation. The bill also would require the employer to provide to the union within 90 days of hire the new employee’s name and work and contact details.