Take Action: As DACA deadline looms, tell the governor: ‘Sign AB 21 & AB 450’

CFA asks the CSU community to send a message to Governor Brown urging him to sign two Assembly Bills into law—AB 21: ‘Access to Higher Ed for Every Student’ and AB 450 to regulate enforcement at workplaces and campuses.

These bills will ensure that undocumented students, faculty, and staff in the CSU, as well as in community colleges, get help to safely work on and complete their college educations on campus. The bills passed both houses of the California State Legislature.

Taking action to increase protections for undocumented students and staff is especially urgent as the deadline to renew DACA status arrives. Because of Pres. Trump’s order to end DACA, tomorrow October 5 is the last day those with expired waivers can submit renewal applications. Barring new action at the federal level, deportations of DACA recipients could begin in March and continue as their waivers expire. DACA (Delayed Action on Childhood Arrivals) recipients are people brought to the U.S. as children.

SEIU Call-In Day for DACA & TPS is October 5

On Thursday, October 5, CSU faculty are asked to join in a “National Call-In Day for Dreamers and TPS” sponsored by SEIU, a public workers union and CFA affiliate. TPS refers to residents with “temporary protected status” due to a humanitarian crisis in their home country, such as armed conflict. Together DACA and TPS apply to about 1.2 million people in the U.S.

“As you all know, this issue is personal for many in the SEIU family and we must take action to protect our brothers and sisters,” writes Marc M. Goumbri, of the SEIU Public Workers Dept. “Several SEIU members and family members have been targeted, arrested and detained because of their activism in the fight for immigrant rights.”

Here in the CSU, Cal State Los Angeles student Claudia Rueda, was arrested after helping to save her mother from deportation by speaking out publicly. Calls to and protests at the detention center in San Diego where she was held led to her release pending further action. Meantime, she is back in school.

Goumbri writes, “Please take a moment on October 5 to call your members of Congress and tell them to pass a clean Dream Act and save TPS.”