Take action now! Tell lawmakers to fund the $325 million budget increase

As talks surrounding the state budget for 2017-18 intensify among lawmakers in the Capitol, faculty, students, and community allies are sending thousands of emails to legislators, urging them to increase funding for the CSU next fiscal year.

Gov. Jerry Brown failed to include in his May revise of his budget plan the $325 million requested by the CSU. His plan even decreased the CSU’s requested augmentation by $4 million.

Legislators have been meeting and making recommendations about CSU funding for this next fiscal year, and we need you to urge them to fully fund the $325 million requested by the CSU.

Last week, the state Senate agreed with the governor’s revised CSU budget, but added $25 million in one-time funding for the graduation initiative program.

This week, the state Assembly Subcommittee on Education Finance took a different approach, adding back the $4 million cut by the governor, and increasing the CSU augmentation by $38.5 million to increase student enrollment by 1 percent.

The subcommittee also approved $25 million in one-time Graduation Initiative funding, $25 million for deferred maintenance, $5 million for one-time mental health services funding, and $2.5 million to fund programs to combat student hunger.

Those amounts fall short of the $325 million requested, which is critical funding that would help maintain programs, hire faculty, and stave off 5% tuition hikes for CSU students. We need you to take action now!

Assemblymember Jose Medina, who is a member of the committee, abstained from voting on the budget proposal, saying that he would not vote on the budget unless it froze tuition for CSU students.

“As chair of Higher Education, and also in this committee, we heard a lot of testimony from students on the burden of fees, and I find it somewhat ironic that in our budget, we’re addressing the issue of student hunger at the same time that we continue to raise fees,” Medina said. “Without freezing the fees I will not be voting on this budget.”

It only takes about 30 seconds to write your Assemblymember and Senator and encourage them to reinvest in the CSU.

Click here now to make your voice heard as final revisions to the budget are being negotiated.