Take Action: Tell Legislators to step up CSU funding by $325 million

Our state Assembly and Senate representatives are debating how much to spend on what in the 2017/18 State Budget—and that includes how much they propose to send to the CSU.

Send a message to your state representatives!

As most CFA Headlines readers already know, the CSU Trustees sent a funding request to the governor and legislature that is $325 million more than the CSU got in the current year. That money is needed to fund classes and support for the rapidly increasing number of students who are counting on our public “People’s University.”

But that’s not all. The Trustees upped the stakes by deciding to raise student tuition, with a promise to rescind that increase if the CSU gets the full $325 million funding increase.

The Trustees should not have raised tuition and, instead, should have been at The Capitol alongside faculty and students, who were working hard to advocate for the money our system needs. Now, the CSU needs your help to ensure our voices are heard.

Take action now: Send a message to your state Assemblymember and Senator!