Take Action: Tell the Trustees to stop raising tuition

There are many reasons tuition increases are the wrong choice for the California State University.

Students explained it simply at the Trustees meeting last week—“The more we pay, the longer we stay.”

The slogan speaks to the claim that public higher education’s cost problems stem from students moving too slowly to graduation, something the Trustees “Graduation Initiative” would like to change.

“Anyone in touch with what is happening to our students knows, they are working more hours than ever trying to pay for school and to make ends meet,” says CFA President Jennifer Eagan.  “Our students need help, not more costs on their backs.”

CFA’s Race to the Bottom research about the CSU finds that tuition increases over decades have been unrelated to faculty numbers or salaries.  “The simple fact is students are paying more and getting less,” Eagan says.

At the January meeting, the Trustees’ Finance Committee discussed a 5 percent system-wide tuition increase for the 2017-18 academic year. Some trustees expressed doubts about or opposition to the hike.

The vote is scheduled to take place at the Trustees’ meeting on March 21-22.