Tell Gov. Brown to #InvestinCSU

Hundreds of faculty, staff, students and community supporters have sent messages asking Gov. Jerry Brown to invest critical funding in the CSU, but we need your participation as well!

5 percent increase of funding for the CSU as part of his 2014/15 state budget. After years of debilitating cuts, however, it’s not nearly enough. We are urging him to increase this amount.

Brown will release an update to his budget proposal in early May, which will include the funding allocation for the CSU. The bottom line is simple: the budget must include more funding for the CSU if quality public higher education is to thrive in California.

How can you help?

  • Send the Governor a message using our Take Action tool. The messages can be personalized to suit your perspective and concerns. Click here to use our tool to advocate for more funding for the CSU.
  • Use Twitter or Instagram to participate in a social media campaign urging the governor’s support by posting photos and messages calling for more investment in the CSU. Tag the Governor’s dog, @SutterBrown, and Gov. Jerry Brown, @JerryBrownGov, in your message. Use the hashtag #InvestinCSU. For example: Hey @JerryBrownGov! Invest in the future of California’s higher ed. #InvestinCSU

Voice your concerns today!