Tell your state legislators that more $ for the CSU is a priority

Our state Assemblymembers and Senators are now considering Gov. Brown’s 2014/15 budget proposal. When they think about their priorities, we want them to remember the importance of investing more money in our state’s public higher education systems.

While the governor would provide some increased funding for the CSU, it is very modest. After years of painful budget cuts, the CSU needs more to get quality education back on track.

State Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez released a Blueprint for a Responsible Budget in December that calls for greater funding for public higher ed, including the CSU. CFA calls for legislators to support this Blueprint.

You can help to let the legislature know the CSU needs more funding for students, faculty and staff. It makes a difference when we reach out to our legislators early in the budget process.

So, please click here to send a message to your representatives

If you already have sent an email, please share this message with your colleagues and campus community.