The Tentative Agreement on the faculty contract reached

CFA and the CSU Chancellor’s Office recently reached a Tentative Agreement in the ongoing dispute over faculty salary. The CFA Board of Directors has recommended the Tentative Agreement to the membership and CFA members begin voting next week on ratification.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan shares the following:

“It has been a long road to get here, both in time and effort. The Fight for Five and the willingness of CSU faculty to go on strike were basic to getting to this Tentative Agreement.

CFA members did amazing work holding meetings, tabling, marching at the Chancellor’s Office, collecting commitments from other faculty, and—the biggest task of all—preparing for a strike on all our campuses. This kind of commitment to our university, our students and our profession says we have good reason to hope for the future of the CSU.

The strong support of our allies, including labor unions, community groups, and elected officials made a key difference. 

I hope you will go to the “Thank You to CFA Allies” web page  to witness the range of supporters for CFA and the CSU faculty. The congratulations on our Tentative Agreement are pouring in from people in our affiliated unions—AAUP, CTA, NEA, and SEIU—from labor councils and other union allies, students, faculty in other systems, and from all over the country.

It did not start here, though. CFA members and leaders have worked hard for years to advance The People’s University, to stand up for students’ access to quality public education, and to assert that CSU faculty must be able to support our families as members of the middle class while we work to fulfill the CSU’s primary mission—teaching students.

Our fight is not over. While this is a solid Tentative Agreement, an achievement we must celebrate, I am confident that CFA members will approve it in large numbers, we have further to go.

During 2016, we must continue to work with our students on issues such as the threat of increased student fees, the attack on Ethnic Studies and other academic programs, transportation, and food security for students.

Just as our allies have supported us, we must continue our support for economic justice, like the Fight for $15 and union membership for every worker in California.

The state budget is under consideration right now. We need the state legislature and governor to increase its commitment to the CSU and fully support public higher education for California students. 

Our work is far from done within the CSU. We have salary issues spelled out in the Tentative Agreement on which we still must work with management. We will be back to the table July 1, 2017, just about fourteen months from now, when we will begin to bargain our next contract. In the meantime, we can and must advocate for salary equity for the faculty under the terms of the ongoing contract.

All this means that we must build our power through membership in CFA. I hope that CFA members, including new CFA members who join this week, will be part of this effort, starting with casting their ballots next week. Vote for Five—and more!”

PHOTO: Just after the announcement of the Tentative Agreement on a news conference telephone call Friday, faculty from Sacramento State and members of the CFA Bargaining Team gathered at the CFA State Office in downtown Sacramento to mark the day. Among them were, center: CFA President Jennifer Eagan, and in red from left to right, Sac State faculty Nikki Mehta, Lois Boulgarides, Margarita Berta-Avila, and Lynda Radican.