Tenure-line & Contingent unity
A model for confronting the faculty workforce crisis

CFA’s focus on building a stable faculty workforce is examined in a case study included in a recent collection, Equality for Contingent Faculty: Overcoming a Two-Tier System (Vanderbilt University Press, editor Keith Hoeller). 

The case study shows how CFA is a model for ways to confront contingency directly by increasing the number of tenurable positions, while at the same time improving the job security and working conditions of those faculty off the tenure line. 

In a review of the book last week in Insider Higher Ed, Elizabeth Hoffman, a co-author of the case study about CFA, reinforced the importance of addressing faculty workforce issues.

Hoffman argued that the new book “addresses the inequity of the two-tier system in higher education, a system which not only exploits the 70 percent of the faculty with contingent appointments but cheats the current and future generations of students in profound and long-lasting ways.”

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