CFA’s Bargaining Team is in the midst of preparing for what is sure to be a challenging collective bargaining fight over the next several months, with our contract due to sunset on June 30, 2020. In order to develop our proposals and make the best possible case to management, the team is soliciting input from members.

Campus meetings with members of the Bargaining Team are taking place on all 23 campuses, with many scheduled for this and next week. These meetings are a great way to learn about the bargaining process and connect with members of the team.

In addition, members who have not already done so can take a few minutes to complete the bargaining survey, which will be open until November 25. More than 3,000 members have already responded but there is plenty of time for thousands more to participate.

“Member input is a central component to our bargaining strategy,” said Gwen Urey, a new Bargaining Team member from Cal Poly Pomona, where about 100 members gathered last week for a meeting with CFA President Charles Toombs and CFA Vice President and Bargaining Chair Kevin Wehr. “In order for the bargaining team to effectively represent the interests of CFA’s members at the bargaining table, we first must have a handle on their concerns, priorities, and goals. Our meeting was a great opportunity for our members to weigh in.”

Upcoming campus meetings include:

  • October 22 at San Diego
  • October 23 at Bakersfield, Fresno, and San Marcos
  • October 28 at Sacramento
  • October 29 at Channel Islands and Humboldt
  • October 30 at East Bay and Monterey Bay