Trustees choice to raise CSU tuition generates strong response

California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon is one of the hundreds of Californians—students, faculty, and organizations—who have posted video and photos on social media of themselves speaking out against the CSU Trustees decision last week to increase CSU students’ tuition.

• See the action in the CFA Photo Gallery

• See clever and moving video of faculty and students protesting on the CFA Facebook page and the Students for Quality Education Facebook page

• See Assembly Speaker Rendon’s video of the vote and his comments on it

Now, as required by state law, the CSU’s management has posted video, albeit it incomplete, of the Trustees’ meeting. It includes comment by students, faculty and supporters to the Board as well as the intense and uncharacteristic debate among the Trustees and their executives over the move.

On the CSU Chancellor’s web site, you can:

• See video of “Public Comment” to the CSU Finance Committee starting at the beginning of the March 22 video (link above, second video from top) and committee presentation and debate on the same video starting at time 53:21.

• See video of “Public Comment” to the full plenary of the CSU Board of Trustees on the March 22 video (link above, second video from top) at time 2:56:50 and full board debate starting at 4:14:35. Impassioned pleas, chants, cheers, jeers, snapping of fingers, gnashing of teeth, and the vote.