Trustees to take up next round of CSU state funding

The budget years keep coming and September is when we get a peek at what the CSU Chancellor is thinking about the 2019-2020 state funding request for our university system.

The CSU Board of Trustees will take up that question, along with many other topics when it meets September 11-12 at the Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach. CFA leaders as well as students from Students for Quality Education will be there to deliver public comments to the many committees that meet Tuesday and to the plenary on Wednesday.

“The current Board has had more lively discussions —and sometimes even debate—about the CSU’s funding than any board in our collective memory,” notes CFA President Jennifer Eagan.

“The upcoming meeting is an important opportunity to be more assertive, to ask for the money this university system really needs. We owe our strongest advocacy to this generation of students, who are more diverse racially than ever, and in a time when we need more college-educated people than ever,” Eagan says. “It is time to finally reverse the trend in which CSU funding got lighter as our students got darker.”

CFA urges faculty members to tune in online. The agenda is posted now, and you can see the documents each committee will take up. When the meeting begins, you can go to the Trustee’s livestream page to watch a live feed of the meeting on your computer or smartphone.

“It’s instructive to watch some of the Trustees’ deliberations, especially if you hope to lobby or get involved in advocacy for the university. It is worth seeing if you just want to get more connected to how the CSU system operates,” says Eagan.

The public proceedings begin Tuesday at 10:30 am with the Committee on Educational Policy when Trustees will take up the Graduation Initiative, a multi-year policy endeavor to speed students to degree completion. This effort has a direct impact on what and how we teach as well as many other aspects of our students’ lives.

At 1 pm Tuesday, the Committee on Finance will take up the 2019-2020 budget request.

Next morning at 8:30 am, the plenary will be another interesting time to tune in. “Public Comment” is first on the plenary agenda and CFA leaders will address the board on various topics facing the CSU. Plenaries also include reports from Chancellor Timothy White and from the Academic Senate CSU among many others.