Tune in: New ‘Radio Free CSU’ podcast available

A new episode of our podcast ‘Radio Free CSU’ is now available and highlights the values, policies and practices CFA has embraced as part of our anti-racism and social justice transformation and how that work is making a lasting impact on our campuses.

The 30-minute podcast, featuring CFA San Marcos Chapter President Darel Engen and host Audrena Redmond, walks listeners through how CFA has infused our anti-racism and social justice work into our mission and bylaws, our research work, and even in how we run meetings.

Understanding how race is used to divide working people is important, and having that deeper understanding also makes an impact in the classroom, Engen said.

“In the classroom, you talk about some of the issues, you can have some really intense discussions and people can sometimes say offensive things,” Engen said. “So we as faculty, we need to know how to deal with that. We need to know how to make those conversations constructive and so what CFA is doing is geared, in part, towards that very thing. And hopefully our students get something out of it and they take it with them into their careers, to their families, to their communities. You get this sort of ripple effect.”

Click here to listen to the full episode on our website. To listen via iTunes, click here.