Tune in: New video highlights #Justice4Josiah

To hear David Josiah Lawson give a speech about his future and what it is to be a man in the 21st century is to glimpse his sincerity and the giving spirit that punctuated his short life.

“Being a man of the 21st century is about the character of your heart. To be a man you have to stand up for what you believe in. To show love and compassion for others. It’s a man who is honest and dependable.

It’s a man who is a man of his word. It’s a man who takes care of the people around him. Being a man of 21st century isn’t about the quantity of one’s life, but the quality of how you treat others in your life.”

Two years later, Lawson, 19, was stabbed to death at a party near the Humboldt State campus where he was a Criminology & Justice Studies student. To date, his murder remains unsolved.

We have joined in the call for #Justice4Josiah, and are helping increase awareness of the case and the need for resolution. This week, we released a short video that tells Lawson’s story, and includes perspective from his mother, Charmaine Lawson, and CFA faculty leaders.

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CFA and SQE also held a week of action Oct. 15-19 to raise awareness of Lawson’s death and to echo the Lawson family’s call for improved safety for all students in the CSU, especially students of color.

Charmaine Lawson, David Josiah Lawson’s mother, attended the Justice for Josiah event at Sacramento State, which was hosted by the Sacramento SQE chapter. The event included a showing of the documentary “Unsolved Hate,” a documentary that explains the case and the atmosphere in the Humboldt campus community.

“It was one of the most heartfelt and impactful events,” said Margarita Berta-Ávila, CFA Capitol Chapter President. “The students did a terrific job and infused it with thoughtful content and dialogue.”

The latest episode of our Radio Free CSU podcast also highlights the story of David Josiah Lawson. In the special episode, host Audrena Redmond talks with Charmaine Lawson about her son, his journey as a student, and the need to better protect all students in the CSU, especially students of color.

Click here to listen to the podcast today.