U. of Illinois faculty on strike want your support

As you read this, the 1,100-member faculty union at the University of Illinois at Chicago will be wrapping up a two-day strike to win a first contract.

After a successful election for union representation in 2012, UIC Faculty United was in talks with university management for 18 months to no avail.

UIC Faculty United president Joe Persky says, “The heart of UIC is its faculty and its students, but the trustees short change them both.”

Student tuition is up and the university makes a profit, Persky says, yet all faculty are underpaid, especially adjuncts.

“In fact, many of the faculty who teach our first-year students only make $30,000 a year. The administration’s priorities don’t match the University’s mission, and after trying to negotiate a fair contract for 18 months, they’ve left us no choice but to strike,” he says.