Unions up & down state grant CFA strike sanctions; promise support

“If we must go on strike,” says CFA President Jennifer Eagan, “we will have the backing of hundreds of thousands of union members from all over California. And that involves a lot more than just a paper resolution; it’s a real show of worker solidarity.”

Up and down the state, CFA is receiving the support of Central Labor Councils (CLCs), which are part of the AFL-CIO and are comprised of many union locals in a particular region; these CLCs have the authority to adopt “strike sanctions.”

Through strike sanctions, the CLCs call on the thousands of union members associated with their CLC not to cross the strikers’ picketlines, and to lend other kinds of support. That can mean, for example, UPS deliveries stop, public buses do not enter campus, and unionized tradespeople do not go onto campus to build or make repairs.

CFA campus chapters are requesting and receiving strike sanctions now so that we are ready in the event a strike among CSU faculty becomes necessary. In response, leaders of  CLCs around California have had important things to say about a possible strike in the CSU.

Martel Fraser, president of the Tri-Counties CLC that includes the SLO and Channel Islands campuses in its region, wrote:

“We cannot sit idle while our brother and sister members of the California Faculty Association are denied recognition of their value in higher education by CSU management. Public employees across the country have been under attack for years, and we must band together to end this dangerous crusade. The race to the bottom ends here.”

Cesar Lara, Executive Director of the Monterey Bay CLC, wrote to CFA after the CLC acted to grant CFA strike sanction:

“Our board found that your members have been more than patient and fair during your meetings to negotiate a contract with the CSU…. It is apparent that a strike is in order for the well-being of your members and the people whom they serve.”

Tim Paulson, Executive Director of the San Francisco CLC, wrote:

“Naturally we will be watching this situation closely and if necessary our 100,000 member Council will fully participate in whatever support you may need.”

To date, in addition to the CLCs noted above, CFA has received strike sanctions from Fresno-Madera-Tulare-Kings CLC, Humboldt and Del Norte Counties CLC, Napa-Solano CLC (region with CSU Maritime Academy), Sacramento CLC, and South Bay CLC (region with San Jose State), as well as from Teamsters Joint Council 42, which represents 200,000 Southern California Teamsters including UPS drivers.