Update on CFA Legislative Priorities, Plus New Audit of CSU Campus Fees Coming

As we approach the end of the first year of a two-year legislative cycle, a number of important CFA-sponsored and -supported bills are moving forward, including AB 331 (Medina) and AB 1460 (Weber), the K-12 and CSU ethnic studies bills, both of which were made into two year bills. We will continue our advocacy for these important bills as they progress into next year.

Additionally, the following bills that we have taken support positions on are still active:

  • AB 1505 (O’Donnell): Charter school reform bill;
  • SB 354 (Durazo): Dream loan program;
  • SB 296 (Allen): Financial aid for asylum seekers;
  • SB 24 (Leyva): Campus abortion by medication technique;
  • AB 5 (Gonzalez): Major labor bill ensuring gig economy workers are not exploited and have access to worker protections like healthcare; and
  • AB 32 (Bonta, Chiu, Gloria, Gonzalez, Kamlager-Dove, and Santiago): Detention facilities: private, for-profit administration services, which is part of our CalPERS campaign.

Finally, last year CFA requested that the State Legislature’s Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) call on the State Auditor to conduct a review of campus-based student fees at several CSU campuses. We are pleased to report the JLAC voted to move forward with this audit, which will focus on the following CSU campuses: Chico, San Diego, San Jose, and San Luis Obispo. For more information, please review the scope and objectives of the audit.