Vote “Yes on Prop 55” to continue vital funding for public education
California Faculty magazine feature

The 2016 California Faculty magazine includes a host of informative articles, including one by Lillian Taiz and Nora Lynn on why faculty—and all Californians—should vote YES on Proposition 55.

Four years ago, voters passed Proposition 30 to help “stop the bleeding” of dire budget cuts to public K-12 education and reinvest in schools and other public services. But with Prop 30 set to expire, another measure is needed to ensure that the state doesn’t return to the days of massive teacher layoffs, huge class sizes and uncertain budgets.

“Prop. 55 is critical for education at all levels in California. Gov. Brown has said that without its passage, the state will again be facing budget cuts, some estimate of as much as $4 billion. And without the dedicated K-14 education funding this initiative provides, the broader General Fund becomes even more impacted.

At a minimum, if the initiative does not pass, the CSU can expect to lose its recent $250 million base budget increase. And schools, health care and other vital public services would again face funding shortfalls and cuts.

There are nearly 20 initiatives facing voters on November’s ballot, on topics ranging from the death penalty to marijuana legalization to multicultural education. Among these many worthy proposals, Prop. 55 deserves your vote.”

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