Voter turnout will be decisive in electing pro-CSU candidates on Nov 6

If you want to have an impact on the future of the CSU, your most important step this week is to vote for pro-CSU candidates. The next is to help our union CFA to convince others to vote, too.

You can help by meeting up with colleagues to make reminder calls, send texts, or even go door-to-door reminding voters about Election Day.

The Greatest Challenge—Getting Potential Voters to Vote.

The direction of the U.S.—our system of public higher education included—will be affected deeply by the results of the Nov. 6 election. And, above all else, those results will be determined by who decides to vote, and who does not.

The almost 103 million potential voters who did not vote in 2016 are a larger “non-voting bloc” than the 63 million people who voted Trump or the 66 million who voted Clinton.

“Faculty are doing our part through our union by reminding our colleagues to vote and helping campaigns of candidates who support the People’s University,” says Lillian Taiz, chair of CFA’s Political Action and Legislation Committee. “Those candidates include Tony Thurmond who is in a tight race to be Superintendent of Public Instruction—the person who heads California’s Dept. of Education.”

Join with us this week,” Taiz says, “to play your part in the future of California.”

Connect with opportunities to help by clicking here now.

A Scary Halloween Election Message: AdWeek calls it “comically savage.” It’s a video that explains there are plenty of alternatives to voting—Tweets, Facebook posts, even “little marches.” But at the moment that matters, the voters in this video are laughing at you, because they apply their power on Election Day while, they say, “Young people, you won’t vote. You never do. But we do.” Is their time up? It’s up to all of us.

PHOTO: Cal State LA faculty and CFA member Mike Eng is running for State Senate and our colleagues from the LA, Fullerton and Pomona campuses have his back by helping his campaign. Left to right: JaeMin Jung (Pomona), Kyungh Jung (Pomona), Molly Talcott (LA), Jere Teepen, Dana Collins (Fullerton), Mike Eng (LA), Rene Grau (LA student), Weiqing Xie (Pomona), John Donovan (LA), and Jackie Teepen (CFA Field Rep).