Want students to graduate faster? CFA tells Trustees: ‘Ask their professors how’

Two recent Executive Orders by the CSU Chancellor have come under fire by faculty throughout the CSU system.

The orders would reduce the amount of general education students must complete, and change the way remedial education is done. Both were issued without consultation with the faculty who actually teach the students and have direct experience with what they need to graduate.

Faculty and students from CSU Northridge turned out on to deliver an urgent message to the Trustees Committee on Educational Policy on Tuesday and the Plenary on Wednesday. They explained the importance of including Ethnic Studies courses as well as LGBT Studies as equally important in general education for many reasons including that the courses encourage students to persist in college.

CFA President Jennifer Eagan stepped up Tuesday, to share two resolutions by the CFA Assembly in October calling for CSU Executive Orders 1100 and 1110 to be rescinded and rethought after deeper research and consultation. After explaining the CFA resolutions, Eagan dug down to simplify an essential truth—the people who teach students know the most about what students need to succeed:

“If you want to graduate students more quickly, ask us, ask the faculty. Invest in instruction. Reduce class sizes. Support the faculty, our mentorship of students. Increase tenure density, and roll back student fees.

“No other measures or gimmicks will work. You must address what has been taken away from instruction, the central mission of the CSU. Taking away more of the quality of instruction in the form of reducing faculty input in the curriculum, and in reducing quality, uniqueness, and students’ choice and opportunity—it just won’t work.

“The CSU faculty have been expressing our views about why these policies won’t work. You should listen to the faculty who work with students and who create the curriculum. They are not administrators who have not taught at the CSU, and who do not know our students beyond their numerical representations on spreadsheets.”

PHOTO: CFA President Jennifer Eagan addressed the CSU Board of Trustees November 7, at their meeting in the CSU Chancellor’s Office in Long Beach.