What happens next to CSU funding and the tuition hike?

The Trustees decision to raise tuition has a caveat—if the state legislature and the governor agree to provide the CSU all the funding the Trustees have requested of them, the Trustees will recind the tuition hike.

“We need strong advocacy to restore much-needed funding to the CSU budget,” explains Jennifer Eagan, CFA President. “The Trustees’ tuition increase sends the signal to legislators that the CSU is fine because it can operating costs from the students. It’s a misguided strategy when advocating for public funds.”

CFA will advocate for an increase in the CSU budget. Yes, the deficit in the CSU funding cannot be made up by the student fee increase. To protect students in either case, CFA has sponsored legislation to halt tuition increases in the CSU and state community colleges through June 2020. Assembly Bill 393 is authored by Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva.

“We need everyone in California to stand up for public higher education,” says Eagan.

Click here to send a message to your own representatives today urging them to support AB 393.  (Faculty members and students, please use your home address when you submit your message—legislators are obligated to represent their constituents.)

Others can join in! Encourage your colleagues and supporters to go to stopthefees.org and use #StopTheFees

Hearings are scheduled at the State Capitol specifically on the CSU Budget by education committees of the State Assembly on April 26 and the State Senate on April 27.

You also can participate in visits to state legislators. See the CFA web site for more info about legislation and about the State Budget, or contact your campus CFA Chapter to learn more.