What would the tentative agreement mean for your pay?

Determining what your salary would be under the proposed tentative agreement just got easier thanks to a new online tool.

In just a few clicks, our salary estimator will help faculty calculate their new gross pay, adjusted for the increases allotted in the tentative agreement. The estimator also helps determine SSI-eligibility.

For example, consider the increases in store for a Lecturer faculty who is SSI eligible and earns $3,000/month.

Under the Tentative Agreement, this Lecturer’s salary will be $3,325 by July 1, 2017, and then $3,414 on their anniversary date that year (assuming they are eligible for the full SSI).

This represents an increase of $414/month, or almost $5,000 annually. As a percentage, the increase is 13.8%.

Under CSU management’s original two-year offer, this same Lecturer would have realized an increase of just 4%, which is equivalent to $121/month or $1,454 per year.