Whistleblower Website Exposes Abuse of Taxpayer Dollars on CSU Campuses


Following the launch CFA’s online reporting form for CSU waste, tips are already coming in about how taxpayer dollars are being misspent by campus administrators.

“Gov. Brown has set the example for a better, more frugal, more focused culture in state government, a culture that is dedicated to the mission for which our public institutions were created. By eliminating cell phones and state cars, he demonstrated that priorities matter, in small as well as large ways” said Lillian Taiz, President of the California Faculty Association.

She continued, “We urge the public to send us their tips on waste they are aware of so we can take action and hold people accountable.”

CFA encourages anyone who knows about other instances of waste – large or small – involving the CSU to report them via the union’s anonymous online form.

On Monday, the California Progress report blog published an op/ed from CFA President Taiz on why the CSU Administration must take a cue from the governor & reexamine their spending priorities.

View the blog.