Work continues beyond the contract extension to improve faculty rights, working conditions

The faculty contract extension may be ratified, but CFA’s efforts to improve faculty working conditions will remain a focal point as we continue meeting with CSU management as part of our agreement.

The agreement, which extends our current contract through June 2020 and includes two salary increases, also includes in the Memorandum of Understanding a provision that CFA and CSU management will meet to consider changes to the contract regarding intellectual property and academic freedom.

Members of CFA’s Bargaining Team also will be part of a working group to review salary structure issues during the two-year extension period.

CFA Bargaining Team members are already preparing for the talks, which are likely to begin during the Spring term.

“We still have work ahead of us, but the great thing is we can tackle these other issues in a very focused way, without also having other issues, like salary increases, on the table,” said Charles Toombs, CFA’s Vice President and a member of the CFA Bargaining Team.

The ratified agreement includes two General Salary Increases over the course of the two-year extension. The first 3.5% increase will go into effect Nov. 1, 2018. The second GSI, a 2.5% raise, will be effective July 1, 2019. The Service Salary Increase (SSI) maxima, and the maxima on the salary schedules, will adjust upward by the GSI amount in both instances.

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