CFA Headlines • April 1, 2015

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Fresno CFA Chapter, Campus President announce Campus Equity Pay program

April 1, 2015

In a letter to Fresno faculty on Thursday, Fresno CFA Chapter President Diane Blair and Campus President Joseph Castro announced details of a Campus-Based Equity Pay Program funded with just over $1 million.


Video Reprise: “Top 10 Excuses for No Equity Pay”

While two campus managements have committed to faculty Equity Pay Programs, most have not.

East Bay CFA Chapter President Jen Eagan and faculty from around the state made that point for CSU campus presidents at the CSU Trustees meeting last week by counting down “The Top 10 Excuses for No Equity Pay


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Campus-Based Salary Equity Programs

Article 31.12 of our faculty contract is the article that provides for the possibility of campus-based salary equity programs

If a local campus president chooses to implement such a program to correct inequities like salary compression and inversion, he or she must do so in consultation with representatives of the local campus CFA chapter.


CFA Rally April 7, Noon @ Capitol Steps

“Invest in CSU Faculty!”

Join CFA at a noon rally on the California State Capitol south steps on Tuesday April 7.


CFA Lobby Day to press for more CSU funding

Faculty will be at the State Capitol for CFA Lobby Day Tuesday to argue for better CSU funding than the governor proposed in the state’s 2015/16 budget.


Race to the Bottom: 3rd CFA White Paper goes public April 7

CFA’s third Race to the Bottom White Paper will be released next Tuesday in connection with CFA’s Lobby Day and Rally on the Capitol Steps.


Kevin Wehr, New CFA Bargaining Team Chair

APRIL 2015—Kevin Wehr, president of CFA’s Capitol (Sacramento) Chapter, will become chair of the CFA Bargaining Team this spring.


Links of the Week • April 1 2015

CSU administrators’ pay gains outpace those for faculty, report says
Los Angeles Times
California State University administrators made significant gains in hiring and compensation over the last decade while faculty lost ground or failed to keep pace in both areas, according to a report released Tuesday by the California Faculty Assn.