CFA HEADLINES • April 1, 2020


Headlines to include


COVID-19 Relief Makes Its Way to Workers

As the health and economic impacts of the COVID-19 virus continue to upend lives across the globe, policy makers continue to offer aid to Americans in the form of student loan, rent, and mortgage assistance, as well as protections from evictions.


In Other News…

We’re in Consensus:  Fill out the Census!!  Do you want to make sure local schools get the funding they deserve? 

Do you want to help California receive federal funding to support our homelessness population?

Do you want to contribute to keeping our water pollution free?


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Academic Freedom, Teaching, and Grading Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

During this unique moment in history, our current experiences as instructors are challenging us to think carefully about how best to nurture learning and well-being within our CSU students, who face a variety of challenges linked to their own changing learning conditions (related to their labor market status, family life, health, citizenship status, and access to technology, space, and resources). As faculty, we are best positioned to know, and to inquire about, our students’ learning needs, as we all navigate remote technologies and differing life circumstances.


Links of the Week

The Coronavirus Is Killing Local News
The Atlantic
Among the important steps you should take during this crisis: Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. And buy a subscription to your local newspaper.