CFA Headlines • April 12, 2017

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Bargaining update meetings coming to your campus

CFA Officers and Bargaining Team members will be hitting campuses in the coming weeks to talk with faculty and get feedback about upcoming contract negotiations.

Click here for a listing of meetings by campus.


CFA thanks principled Trustees who rejected the tuition increase

CFA officers invited CSU Trustees who voted against the student tuition increase to work alongside faculty and students as we urge state lawmakers to increase funding for the CSU, and to support legislation that would cancel the recently imposed fee hike. 


Legislation to protect the CSU heading to hearings April 18

Three pieces of legislation that would protect CSU students and faculty, and maintain quality higher education in the state will be discussed during hearings on April 18 at the Capitol.


#ProudToBeCFA week to highlight CFA membership, March for Science

CFA chapters will be sporting red and beaming with pride next week as faculty invite colleagues to join the union and hold events to show solidarity and pride in CFA and its work.

At Humboldt, CFA members will hold a ‘Faculty Education Social’ on April 20 with letter writing to legislators about bills that would help and improve the CSU, while at San Marcos, a ‘Member Spotlight’ will be held and “Proud to be CFA” stickers will be distributed.


CFA activist weaves ‘Equity, Interrupted’ findings into NEA book review

Proving that academic review and union activism can dovetail seamlessly, CFA leader Sharon Elise wove details from CFA’s “Equity, Interrupted” report into a recent review she penned for the National Education Association’s publication Thought & Action.


CFA President appointed to SEIU Racial Justice Committee

CFA President Jennifer Eagan has been appointed as a member of SEIU’s Racial Justice Committee, a group tasked with ensuring racial justice and equity is embedded throughout all parts of the union.


Faculty Rights Tip: What the W? What is a “WTU” and What Does It Mean for “Workload?”

WTU stands for Weighted Teaching Unit. WTUs represent the effort and value assigned to instructional faculty work. (Coaches, Counselors, and Librarians work in 40-hour or less workweeks without reference to WTUs to measure their work.)


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