CFA Headlines • April 15, 2015

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The Fight for 15 on April 15

CFA members are marching and rallying today as part of the national “Fight for 15

Marches and rallies in 200 cities and towns are advocating for “15”–be it $15 an hour or $15,000 a class—and the right to form a union.

Adjunct faculty, fast food cashiers and cooks, retail clerks,


Campus Equity Pay: East Bay faculty signing letter to campus president

The CFA East Bay Campus Chapter is collecting signatures on a letter to campus president Leroy Morishita calling on him to implement promptly a campus-based Equity Pay program.


New CFA Lecturers’ Handbook on the web now

The new edition of the CFA Lecturers’ Handbook covering the faculty contract period 2014-2017 is now posted in the CFA Lecturers Council area of the CFA web site.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: The FERP and PRTB Programs

Our Faculty Contract provides two programs for tenured faculty who are close to retirement. Article 29 covers the provisions for the Faculty Early Retirement (FERP) program and article 30 covers the Pre-Retirement Reduction in Time Base (PRTB) program.

The FERP program allows eligible faculty to retire and continue teaching for a time base of up to 50%. Participating faculty may draw their retirement and 50% of their annual salary for up to five years.


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CFA surveys over 5,000 CSU employees to research salary needs
Daily 49er (CSU Long Beach)
“We have found that faculty salaries are dropping and it is hard to call teaching in the CSU a middle class job any longer,” Lillian Taiz, a history professor and the president of the CFA, said.al Coast News