CFA HEADLINES • April 15, 2020


Headlines to include


COVID-19 Federal Stimulus Funding on its Way to CSU Campuses

Nearly $2 billion is directed toward California higher education to help colleges manage hardships due to COVID-19.


CFA Members Keep Nursing Students on Path to Graduation

Across the country, medical students are getting their degrees early to join the COVID-19 relief effort. TIME reports records from the American Association of Medical Colleges “show at least 13 U.S. medical schools have allowed students to graduate early and join the COVID-19 response.”


In Other News  

REGISTER FOR UNEMPLOYMENT WEBINARS:  Since many of our faculty are teaching and providing services from home, CFA is moving its Unemployment Insurance workshop to the web.  Leaders are updating the resource-rich presentation with COVID-19 benefits and will hold three webinars over the next several months. Contingent faculty are entitled to unemployment benefits while they are not under contract.  CFA member Antonio Gallo will lead the workshops. 


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Grievance Filing

Did you know that you have 42 days to file a grievance if you believe your workplace rights have been violated? 

Article 10.4 allows you to file a grievance no later than 42 calendar days after the event giving rise to the grievance, or 42 days after you knew or reasonably should have known of the event giving rise to the grievance.


Links of the Week

The Shift to Online Learning Could Worsen Educational Inequality
As school goes digital, low-income students are being left behind.