CFA Headlines • April 19, 2017

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Assembly Higher Ed Committee supports tuition and fee moratorium bill, 11-0

A strong message was sent by the unanimous, bi-partisan 11-0 vote of the Assembly Higher Education Committee on Tuesday. The vote send AB 393: The Student Protection Act to the Appropriations Committee, the next step in putting a CSU student tuition freeze into law.


AB 1464 to improve CSU faculty tenure density moves forward in Assembly

On Tuesday, the Assembly Higher Education Committee also took up AB 1464, a bill to increase the composition of CSU faculty to 75 percent tenure-line and a maximum 25 percent contingent.


CFA-sponsored AB 21 advances in Assembly
Will help to ensure undocumented students access to higher ed

AB 21, one of four CFA-sponsored bills heard and advanced by committees in the California State Assembly this week, would direct public colleges and universities to enact a broad range of protections for undocumented students.


New planning idea for California higher ed moves in Assembly
‘We have to figure out a better way’

Last week, CFA added to its agenda of sponsored bills AB 1038 to form a “Blue Ribbon Commission” that would develop a comprehensive plan to sustain and augment California’s system of public higher education.

The Assembly Higher Education Committee heard testimony on the idea this week and voted to advance the bill to the Appropriations Committee.


Faculty Contract Talks Coming: CFA Chapters invite faculty to prepare

All faculty are invited to CFA Bargaining Meetings hosted by your Campus CFA Chapter.


CFA to join with Cal. Labor Federation for May Day actions

The California Labor Federation and Central Labor Councils in Los Angeles and the Bay Area will join advocates for social and racial justice and human rights at May Day protests on Saturday, May 1.


Faculty Rights Tip: Article 34, Vacation for 10 and 12-Month Faculty

Article 34 of our faculty contract covers vacations. The Vacation Article only applies to faculty with 10 or 12-month appointments, and it does not apply to faculty on Academic Year appointments.  

Faculty who qualify under Article 34 earn two days of vacation for every qualifying month of service. Part-time faculty earn this same credit on a pro-rata basis.


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