CFA Headlines • April 20, 2016

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Ratification vote done!

Voting by CFA members on the Tentative Agreement between CFA and CSU management over faculty salaries is done.

The ratification vote, which began at 6 am Friday, April 22, ended at Noon on Friday, April 29. All CFA members were eligible to vote — it’s a right of membership. 


What would the tentative agreement mean for your pay?

Determining what your salary would be under the proposed tentative agreement just got easier thanks to a new online tool.

In just a few clicks, our salary estimator will help faculty calculate their new gross pay, adjusted for the increases allotted in the tentative agreement. The estimator also helps determine SSI-eligibility.


CFA-sponsored bills move through Legislature

Three pieces of legislation backed by CFA have moved forward in the state Legislature in the past week.

On Tuesday, AB 2019, a bill that would place an automatic step increase in statute for CSU faculty, and AB 2294, legislation involving union affiliates release time, both passed out of the Assembly Higher Education Committee late Tuesday. The next stop for both bills is the Appropriations Committee.


CFA Board of Directors endorses Proposition 30 extension

April 20, 2016—It’s signature gathering season, and CFA is encouraging voters to sign an important ballot measure that would result in critical education funding for K-12 and community colleges.

Last week, the CFA Board of Directors voted to endorse “The Children’s’ Education and Health Care Protection Act of 2016,” a new ballot initiative that is an extension of Proposition 30.


Illinois faculty need your support

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign non-tenure faculty are striking for two days this week over lack of multi-year contracts for members and the union is asking supporters to sign a petition of support.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: Notice of Pending Discipline

If you receive a “Notice of Pending Discipline” it’s important to contact your CFA representative immediately. The timelines articulated in Article 19 of our Contract (Procedures for Disciplinary Action) move very quickly.  

The process begins with the Notice of Pending Discipline, which comes from the University President (or his/her designee).


Links of the Week

Editorial: Invest in our education first
The Collegian (CSU Fresno)
The most important spaces on any institution’s campus should be the spaces where students are learning. The focus of attending a university is to learn. So you would think that a university’s top priority would be making sure that students have access to classes, passionate professors and sound adequate classrooms in which to learn.