CFA Headlines • April 22, 2015

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For fair pay & quality education in the CSU!

The California State University administration needs to get its priorities straight.

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CFA President to Chancellor: “Faculty disappointed”

In a letter to CSU Chancellor Timothy White this week, CFA President Lillian Taiz told him CSU faculty feel “anger and disappointment” at his response to faculty’s living and working conditions.


Campus Equity Pay: San Jose, Sonoma & San Luis Obispo

CSU presidents at San Jose, Sonoma and San Luis Obispo have initiated Equity Pay Programs.

While campus CFA Chapter leaders welcome the positives the programs will bring to many CSU faculty, the rocky road to fairness in the pay structure continues to be fraught with troubles.


East Bay CFA delivers letter to president: “Time for Equity Pay”

APRIL 2015—CFA chapter leaders and members went to campus President Leroy Moritshita yesterday with 200 faculty signatures on a letter calling for an Equity Pay program on campus by May 1.


Faculty Rights Tip of the Week: How often should part-time Lecturers be evaluated?

Article 15 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement covers the evaluation of all faculty. Articles 15.23 through 15.30 are provisions specifically covering the periodic evaluation of Lecturers. Although campus Lecturer evaluation policies may vary they must be in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement which stipulates:


CTA: CFA leader Theresa Montaño elected VP of CTA

APRIL 2015—Theresa Montaño (Chicano Studies), Northridge CFA Chapter Affirmative Action rep, was elected Vice President of the California Teachers Associaton by the delegates at CTA’s April State Council meeting.

She joins President elect Eric Heins and Secretary-Treasurer elect David Goldberg as the executive officers of CTA.


SQE “Week of Action” for student organizers

Students for Quality Education marked a “Week of Action” with rallies, and other events, some of which incorporated the national April 15 “Fight for 15.”  

Students from Sacramento, San Jose, East Bay, and San Francisco marched with the Fight for 15 to stand up for low-paid workers and adjunct faculty.


Links of the Week • April 22, 2015

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